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A work schedule that works around you and your life, with no minium shifts per month.


We believe Flexible working is the way forward, so we always do our best to make it the future.


Our staff are always there to help you when you need it to make sure you are happy where you work.

Work Where You Want

With clients based all around Liverpool and the north-west, your always going to be at the front of events.

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Our Company Goal

We believe in making work simpler than ever, with our staff at the forefront of what we do, we believe flexible work is the way forward. With wages above the National living wage, we believe all staff should be treated fairly and paid right for their talent. That's what's making us Liverpool's #1 Hospitality Agency!

Friendly Faces

We believe staff should be well-trained and well-prepared for their shift, so we make sure all staff pass our quality check before going out into the industry to make sure you get the best staff.

North-west's #1 Staffing Solution

We believe in putting our staff at the forefront of what we do, that's why we are always there for our staff no matter what; From staff mental health checks by our designated staff wealth fair office to 1 to 1 meeting with our workers every few months. We make sure our staff are happy with what they do and make sure they know what to always do.

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Happy Clients
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An adaptable solution to match your business needs

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Positions We Can Provide

We only have the very best staff in the north-west, so you can rest assure your customers will always be looked after Or See A position you can do? Join us today!

Front Of House Staff

We can provide all your front of house staffing needs, from clearers to bartenders, we’ve got you covered. From the first impression of your business to the last, our staff are always ready with a smiling face.

Back Of House Staff

We can provide chefs of all levels with experience within the industry. We make sure all chefs are completely competent within the industry and follow all safe food handling practices.


We make sure everything runs as smooth as it should by only providing the most experienced managers in the industry, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

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